Damon and Elena have A DAUGHTER and she just made her debut on ‘Legacies’

Damon and Bonnie had never been best friends. In fact, Bonnie pretty much hated Damon until Season 3. She hated all vampires, TBH. But Season 6 changed everything. For the first time we saw Damon and Bonnie work together. They were each other’s rocks in the Prison World. Then, upon their release, Damon was faced with an unimaginable decision: save Bonnie and lose Elena for the next 60 years or let Bonnie die and get the love of his life back. In the end, Damon chose Bonnie and that cemented Bamon’s friendship as one of our favorite dynamics on the show.

Everything You Need To Know About Nina Dobrev’s “Vampire Diaries” Exit

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“I don’t drool,” said Bonnie rubbing at her mouth subconsciously as she sat up in bed. “Want to go again?” he asked nuzzling her neck. Her stomach started to.

Here is a list of fanfics that I have read and recommend. If you have a fan-fiction you would liked promoted just send me a link and I will check it out! If a link is out, please let me know so I can fix or remove it, Thank you! Caroline Forbes has been dating Nik for a couple years now, so when the little plus signs stare back up at her mockingly, she thinks she knows what his reaction will be. And she was right. Rated T for mentions of abuse and language.

Then, in a moment of weakness, the thick sexual tension became something much more real. How long will it be until she gets caught in her lie? Or worse, how long can she keep denying her growing feelings? How will she escape?

The Vision’s Theft

He’s no good at all He is a loser, he’s a bum, bum, bum, bum “Miss Gilbert,” the teacher called out. Private school was meant to be strict and she knew that, but it wasn’t meant to be a prison. Manor Falls was like the waiting place to die. Parents brought their children here so they would at least die in perfection. Elena and her friends called it Hells Waiting Room.

Her mother tossed her into the school not long after Grayson, her father, had died.

Clara had been dating Damon for over a century, but decides she wants to spice things Neither Bonnie nor Tyler saw the connection until the blood moon they.

Damon was caught off guard did Elena know about his and Bonnie’s ‘secret’ sex affair and if she did how did she find out. Even when he was thinking this inside he remained cool on the outside keeping cool on the outside he kept the blank expression on his face. So Elena didn’t know after all Damon was relieved. Damon rolled his eyes.

Elena placed her hands on her hips. Damon couldn’t stop his mind from flashing back to the times when he has Bonnie writhing under him in her naked glory, how she begged him to fuck her, the lovely moans that escaped the witch’s lips whenever they came together in the heat and pleasure of sex and Elena was clue less about it all. Damon’s smirk grew wider at these thoughts. Elena saw this and didn’t like it. I’m being serious answer me.


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Mira’s mother is Elena Gilbert-Salvatore. Damon proposed after a year of dating, and they got married. However, one day she found out that she was pregnant. She had wanted a child so much, but Damon turned her a few moments before she had found out about the child. When Elena turned, she explained the whole story to Damon. They decided to save the child as quickly as possible. Elena and Damon went to seek her friend ‘s help, Bonnie Bennett , a witch. Bonnie performed a spell to protect the baby and give a congenial atmosphere to develop.

Miracle Salvatore

It originally aired on May 12, He admits that he was wrong for doing this but Elena tells him that she needs her time. Damon returns to the Salvatore house and tries to kill himself but Stefan Paul Wesley stops him and locks him at the basement telling him that they will find a cure for the werewolf bite. Elijah Daniel Gillies demands from Klaus Joseph Morgan to keep his word and tell him where the bodies of their family are but Klaus is not willing to reveal him that info right away. In the meantime, Stefan calls Alaric Matt Davis to inform him that Damon is dying and he asks for his help.

Emily Bennett Bianca Lawson talks via Bonnie and tells Stefan that there is nothing he can do but through their conversation, Stefan can see that she is lying.

Browse through and read married to damon salvatore stories and books. Fanfiction Romance Supernatural Vampires Vampire The Vampire Diaries Kai Parker Maria is a cousin of Bonnie Bennett but she taught by magic by her grandmother Shelia Bennett but also read Stefan is dating Elena’s twin sister Catalina.

It’s a oneshot Bamon. Thanks for the rec! I wish jazzywzzy08 kept distortion up it was one of my favs do you think there are other links to where to read it. I hope that’s enough information, lol. Iunno if that rings any bells. Otherwise, does anybody else know a fic that fits this? Hey, here is Sky Samuelle! Thank you for reccing my fic Sacred Geometry!

As it is listed here as unfinished work I am proud to say it is finished now, and it even has a sequel! Oh, awesome! Thanks for letting me know! I know there was at least one Klefonnie one-shot in there…there might have been more. All the one-shots are clearly labeled as to what pairing it is.

Fic/Headcanon Blog: Lets get lost in a daydream

Damon has that look that speaks of temptation and sin and sex, and Elena looks entirely too at home in that blue Chevy. Epiphany by Asu A Footnote in History by Lady Knight

Aug 19, – Pin for Later: Why It’s OK to Support Bonnie and Damon as The The Vampire Diaries Eyecon Day 3 – a.k.a. My Hot Date with Damon Salvatore.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Very Best of Damon and Bonnie. Founder: Ella Palladino – Stories: 36 – Followers: 0 – id: Make Me Wanna Die by xthesebonesx reviews Set after 3x With the encouragement of Elena, Bonnie is put to work when she begins to seek a way to put an end to Klaus, for good. She ends up alone with Damon, who seems to have other plans in mind.

One Shot. Morning Tea by irishcookie reviews Damon is hung over and about to get a call from the morality police – Bamon snark ensues. The results of Klaus’ help comes with drastic consequences that change Bonnie and Damon’s lives forever. Worme reviews Bamon. Unblessed Love by mayloc reviews A sudden cry for help with unpredictable consequences for Damon and Bonnie. Undisclosed by sansbear reviews Bonnie Bennett navigates the increasingly treacherous path between vampires and witches.

And while she started out clean, she finds herself becoming more immersed in the gray area of right and wrong, love and hate, and loyalty and betrayal. Heroes get the maiden, right? Matchbook by etgoddess reviews In the coldest flint there is a hot fire.

Harry hermione dating fanfiction

Headcanons – Characters as Scents. Imagine – Saving Damon from Klaus. Imagine – Turning off your humanity and Stefan tried to help because he loves you. Being the youngest Gilbert and Stefan and Damon watching over you.

My Fanfic Recommendations (2) All Human: • Fate, or Something Bet Me: Journalists Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert will do Elena outbid her competition and win the date with her Vampire? Elena’s not handling Stefan’s absence well and Bonnie offers her the option of peeking into her future.

Author’s Note: I know you all hate me because I haven’t updated in a while. School got me busy, but I finally sat myself down to write this chapter for you all. The short Bamon scenes we see each week on TVD really inspired me. Did you notice how Bonnie introduced Damon to Shane as her friend? Because I did. Anyway, on with this chapter…. Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries or any of their characters. I also do not own the song Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. She notes that he’s all healed and back to normal again.

They won. She should be celebrating. Having the time of her life, because they’ve worked and worked for this moment to happen. But she can’t push away the mental image of Damon and Elena together. Or the voices of Elena confessing to Caroline about how they kissed echoing through her head.

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Elijah and Damon had always been at odds with each other. Then this old vampire guy like years is obsessed with Damon and comes to Mystic Falls and he pretends to date Anna so the old vampire guy doesn’t find out Damon’s dating a guy. Stelena fan 33, views. Elena went into the graveyard to see her parent’s.

Stefan and combative with water damon setzte sich hin. damon and bonnie dating fanfiction I did on a Gilded Cage Damon leave me what damon Thanks, Bon.

So I know I have Power Plays to finish but wanted to get this out to see what you all think. This is essentially a Bonnie-centric fic, but from the view of those around her and eventually from her. All human, OOC’s for most this was just a little something that was running around in my head. I also have a confession to make.

I don’t watch TVD anymore. Once they started dabbling in the whole Elena loves Stefan but loves Damon as well thing, I immediately lost interest. Also I realise how much of a bitch I’ve been to Elena. I honestly liked her at the beginning.

In Love With A Criminal –

Anonymous asked: everytime Damon hurt Bonnie there was a reason for it like when he thought he was still in the phoenix stone, not hurting her for real. Their relationship has not grown from season 1 when he attacks her because Emily rescinded on their deal. Damon has absolutely no problem threatening Bonnie or hurting Bonnie when it comes to Elena or when it comes to Stefan, she is not a first priority for him.

When do Damon and Bonnie ever talk about Bonnie? In season 6 when they were in the Prison World Damon tells Elena that he and Bonnie bickered but they talked and she listened to him talking about Elena, we see him rant and rave and complain about missing her, but does Bonnie ever get to talk about missing Jeremy?

Aug 21, – Maddison Mikealson is the daughter of Elijah Mikealson. being an Or #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad.

Sparks fly higher than usual but she knows it can’t end well from day one. Damon and Bonnie are dead and everyone is struggling with the loss. But not everyone is ready to let go. All this time by AnglcDmn — Summary: While cleaning up after a mess Matt and Jeremy made, Elena discovers secret compartment under the couch. Thanks to a Gilbert device, she’s now back in the ‘s-Wait, what? Time travel fic, but I felt the need to add my own twist.

Co-Written with Taaroko. Sparks fly when she discovers she’s not the only celebrity home for the event. After being separated for two years, the pair is forced to work together…and pretend to get along. Is it easier said than done or will it lead to something more?

Coming home for Christmas – Official Trailer [BAMON STELENA KARORIC] 2016 Bonnie and Damon

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