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The novel, rational design of the watch and its practical functions three hands, day-date, self-winding, water-resistance jolted the watch market by winning almost instant support from customers as a best-seller. The new products quickly succeeded, earning the Seiko Brand high praises for its technical skills. Principle of the Magic Lever window. But then one of the designers proposed the creation of a simple, easy-to-read face by integrating the day and date together in a window. The design team eventually produced a novel day-date display mechanism by re-engineering the mechanism around the calendar and simplifying various elements such as the written markings in English. Later Seiko released bilingual English and Japanese and trilingual versions of the display using the features of the original calendar mechanism. But these days watches ware normally not resistant to water. Lifeguards at beaches and swimming pools warned swimmers who wore watches. Professional-grade water resistance was of course available, but only in expensive, heftily designed watches.

Genuine Seiko Watch Movements

What shall follow is how to find out the birth details of the Seiko you just bought. It applies to the vintage Seiko-s as much as the most recent of releases; from the venerable Seiko 5 to the elegant and sombre Grand Seiko. And to everything that are in between.

The Seiko 5 collection is world famous for its robust automatic watches and great value for money. Important features include practical day-date displays and.

Watch calculator uses these codes to do its magic. The movement date is blank. Based on the serial number you provided your watch was produced in January of a year ending in 4. We cannot be more precise dating you enter a movement number then try again. If you are experiencing any issues date our calculator please let us know so we can try to correct the problem. You can also view the entire datefinder database. We encourage people to send us additions and corrections.

Most Seikos have a “retail” model number your is displayed in the store but not written anywhere on the watch. They also have a “reference” model number that is serial on the case back.

Deciphering Seiko Case Back Information

In a previous article that detailed the different variants of the reference that were produced over its production lifespan, we mentioned that it is generally believed no more than 36, units were produced of the model. Since the publication of that article, we have continued to undertake research to try to establish a better estimate of production numbers, and also try to get a more accurate handle on the relative numbers produced across the three major dial configurations of Printed, Carved, and Raised logo dials.

One result of this research is that we are extremely confident that we have now also successfully decoded the logic behind the movement serial numbering, something that has — to the best of our knowledge — never been documented before. Stamped on the inside of the case back of the watches can be found the case serial number. Comprised of seven characters, we explained in the previous article how the first two characters of the serial number can be used to determine the month and year of production.

Excepting production in the months of November and December where the year and month codes are reversed , the first character of the case serial number indicates the year of production, and the second the month January through to October are identified by the numerals 1 through 0, November and December are identified by the letters N and D.

Manually dating a Seiko watch. Fortunately, there is an alternative to the Production Date Calculator if it returns you erroneous or dubious results. In order to do this.

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Vintage page watches a calculator along with instructions and example the to help you find the movement caliber, case date and serial number on the back of finder watch. The calculator uses these codes to do dating magic. If you don’t know how to find these numbers on your watch please read our instructions below. You can also view the entire datefinder database. We encourage people to send us additions and corrections.

Grand Seiko official site. Made by hand for those who value perfection. Grand Seiko raises the pure essentials of watchmaking to the level of art.

The only way to get all of our content, delivered directly to your inbox every weekend free! While the Western version of lyre lugs see, e. Some vintage Grand Seikos begin to look a bit like a Cybertruck strapped to the wrist. The 62GS is more like … a Model S? As I recently wrote:. The 62GS calibers featured 35 or 39 jewels, beating at 19, bph. The 62GS was produced for just a couple years, first hitting the market in and staying in production through Two different case backs were used, depending on the year of production: a lion medallion or a Grand Seiko medallion.

Combined with the two different movements, this gives a total of four references for the 62GS:. These reference numbers are engraved into the case backs around the medallion for each model. This seems completely fine and correct — perhaps Grand Seiko printed more dials than cases and continued using them even after changing the case back reference.

All models were available in both gold cap and stainless steel cases, meaning a total of eight different iterations of the 62GS can be found.

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For over 50 years, Seiko 5 Sports has delivered consistently high levels of reliability, durability, performance and value that have endeared it to lovers of mechanical watches worldwide. Today, with the creation of a new design and a broad new collection, this much loved timepiece is re-born. Welcome to the new Seiko 5 Sports, a collection with all the same values but a fresh new look. All will be available in September The first ever Seiko 5 watch, Seiko Sportmatic 5, was born in

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Have you ever wondered when your watch rolled off the assembly line at the factory? In other words, when was it manufactured? Questions relating to the production date of Seikos frequently pop up in various watch forums from time to time. And if you have that knowledge, you have an edge over the seller that could be very useful. Especially when it comes to bargaining for a better price for that new, old stock NOS Seiko that caught your fancy.

File photo of a typical watch store in Kuala Lumpur. I have gotten a few discontinued Seikos in this manner, saying “Hey look, this watch is eight years old! Fortunately for me, the watch dealers relented to my counter offers and I got them for the price that I wanted.. Seikos with solid casebacks plastic, stainless steel or titanium will have the 6-digit serial number etched in a straight line. Here are three examples of Seiko casebacks depicting their serial numbers.

Dating the Seiko

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Find the manufacture date of any Seiko watch. Seiko watches have a 6 or 7 character serial number on their casebacks. The second character can be a letter but.

We strive to offer you an amazing customer service to make your buyer experience as great as it can be. From your initial contact to after you have your new watch on the wrist. Our number one goal is to make you so satisfied with your purchase that we get the honour of helping you with your next watch purchase. We will guide you through your whole experience with us. Our goal is to make you feel safe throughout the purchase process. Therefore, we carefully check all our timepieces to ensure their authenticity and that everything is in its order.

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From us, you can buy watches from the comfort of your own home. Customer Service We strive to offer you an amazing customer service to make your buyer experience as great as it can be. Authenticity Our goal is to make you feel safe throughout the purchase process. Fair Prices We strive to have fair prices on all our watches.

Establishing a production number estimate for the Grand Seiko First

The Japanese-made Seiko watches have become synonymous with detail-oriented craftmanship and durability. The sleek look and attention to detail have made these watches a favorite since when the company began as the brainchild of master watchmaker K. With such a rich history, it is no wonder that the exact production year of many of the watches is difficult to determine.

Figure out the decade you purchased your watch, or when you think your particular watch group was manufactured.

In the back of Seiko watches there is a range of information presented. This can tell you the movement type, date of manufacturer, how to open the case, which.

By David Flett. Watch enthusiasts I mean. The thrill of opening the next box or clicking the next link to see if it might be hiding something different. Something special. Something only we have discovered. With that dial that I really dig but that was also made in the year or even the month of my birth. How cool would that be?

How much easier would it be to justify the cost of a birth-year watch. Imagine the gravitas such a watch would have as a jewel in one’s collection. The search for birth year watches provides another reason – as if any was necessary – to search for more cool vintage watches. Dating vintage watches is often complicated and sometimes requires significant deductive powers combined with a deep knowledge of the brand. There is one brand, however, that makes identifying birth year vintage watches simple.

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Forums Latest Auctions Members. Posts 83 Likes I was given my grandfather’s old seiko watch today. I’m trying to figure out when it was made. It’s a simple seiko 5, nothing fancy. He passed away 20 years ago, and yet all it took was a little shake from me for it to start ticking again.

Seiko B Features automatic chronograph, 60s, 30min, pillar wheel no manual wind day: quickset by pushing the crown deeper, 2 languages date: quickset.

The s saw many in the watch industry looking to capitalise on increased demand for automatic watches. This article focuses on its earliest incarnations, the X. Production of the Seiko line up ended sometime in , but are still readily available today. The X series is quickly becoming very collectable pieces thanks to a combination of great design and storied history. The first watch company to lay claim to the title was Zenith, who introduced their first prototypes on January 10, The second contender was a collective of watchmakers, which could be termed the Chronomatic group, namely Heuer, Breitling, and Hamilton-Buren.

The companies created a mutually beneficial partnership and worked together in developing their automatic chronograph. The group laid claim to the title by introducing the Chronomatic prototypes on March 3, , in a much-highlighted press event. The Chronomatic group was also the first to show several models of pre-production samples during the Basel Fair in April of , a more impressive showing when compared to Zenith, who had fewer samples during the same event. These early watches were to be released to the Japanese market only.

Some serial numbers of the earliest Seiko s indicate a production date of March or even as early as February , but it is unclear if these are samples or were the first ones intended for the Japanese market. To sum it up, Zenith may have been the first to announce the development of the first automatic chronograph, but Heuer, Breitling, and Hamilton-Buren were the first to release their automatic chronograph to major retail markets.

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